Remote Testing

The NJIT Amateur Radio Club is offering remote testing to the NJIT Community

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Here are a few important guidelines:

  1. Pay the Exam Fee of $14. Invoices are sent out at least 24 hours in advance. Must be paid BEFORE taking the exam. The fee is NOT refundable if you fail your exam, do not show up for the exam session,or have your exam voided.

    • Accepted Payment Methods are Paypal

    • Exception: You will refunded if you are unable to complete your exam session due to technical issues not relating to your personal equipment.

  2. Bring Photo Identification

    • State Photo/Driver License

    • School ID

  3. FCC Registration Number (FRN): The FRN must be submitted on the exam application as we don't accept Social Security Numbers for your safety. If you do not have an FRN:

  4. Exam Application: Before your scheduled exam you will register for a specific exam session where you will fill out an exam application. The application will generate a 4-digit access code you need to take the test later.

  5. License Upgrading: If you plan to take the General or Extra exam, you need to email the VE team an official copy of your license downloaded from the FCC. If you have a pending Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) from a previous exam session that is not yet reflected in the FCC database, we kindly ask you to wait till it's reflected on the FCC database.

  6. Element Retries: Due to the limited time and number of candidates you will have ONE attempt per exam element per session. If you don’t pass, we will offer a retake once you are confident you are going to pass.

  7. Multiple Exam Elements: We will allow you to take additional exam elements if you pass earlier elements and time permits. It's best to notify the VE team if you plan on taking multiple elements so we can be prepared.

Preparing Exam Environment

The NJITARC VE Team are required to ensure the integrity of the testing environment. Be sure you have an isolated area where you can take the exam. We will terminate the exam if we believe the integrity of the testing environment is violated. If required, we will void any exam after the session upon inspection of the recording. At the start of the exam the VE Team will ask you to scan the entire room to give the VEs the confidence that the exam is taking place in a secure testing environment.


  • You can be the only person in the room while taking the exam.

    • Warn family members not to enter the room or talking loudly during the exam from another room.

    • If under the age of 13, a parent/guardian must be present.

  • You will not be allowed to wear a headset during the exam.


    • Clear the room of all non-exam materials, notes, books, posters, computer screens, or anything that could aid in taking the exam.

    • Clear your exam table and floor of ALL items within reach or view that would raise suspicion.

    • Clear the room of any distractions that could take your attention off of the exam.

Technical Requirements

  • A desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, an up-to-date web browser, and the Webex Conferencing application. If you don't have an NJIT Webex Account, contact the VE team for further information. (Google Meet or Jitsi are available alternatives)

    • Supported computers are running the Windows, Apple OSX (macOS), or Ubuntu/Debian Linux.

      • Chromebooks are not preferred, but can be used.

    • Mobile phones and tablets are not supported at this time.

  • Only one display must be connected to the computer.

  • Your screen will be shared with the VEs for the duration of the exam. You will be recorded in order to comply with VEC requirements. The NJITVE Team will record during the photo identification check.

  • A reliable Internet connection that can keep the computer connected to Webex and our chosen Exam Application for the duration of the exam.

  • A second device that also supports Webex that will be placed out of reach, but in camera view of your keyboard, hands, and desktop monitor or laptop.

Exam Process

  • You will receive an e-mail with an invitation to a Webex meeting approximately 1 hour before the start of the session. In addition in this email you will receive:

    • estimated time that we will be ready for you. We may send messages via Phone number (if provided) or email to update you if we're running significantly behind or ahead of schedule.

  • Once admitted to an Exam Room:

    • We will do the Identification check (2 ID's needed)

    • If you have previously passed any elements, we will need to see your current amateur license (or CSCE if not in ULS). You can either email it to the VE team before the exam session, or have it ready on your computer for inspection.

    • You will prove to the VE's that your exam testing location is secure per "Preparing Exam Environment"

    • Then we will direct you to share your screen with the VE's. (The host will make you the presenter)

    • We will talk you through the exam software, verify your information, and answer any last minute question before the exam.

    • Then you will take your test!

      • VE's will mute their microphones to avoid distracting the candidate.

      • If you have any problems just ask us out loud, a VE will answer.

      • We will terminate without warning if we believe the exam is compromised

      • When you finish your exam we will authorize the system to score your exam attempt and give you your results.

    • Complete and sign final paperwork.

FCC Public Information

You should be aware that, as an applicant for an FCC Amateur Radio License, information about you will be made publicly available via the FCC's Universal Licensing System (ULS). The following information you submit on the NCVEC 605 form will be published:

    • Name

    • Call sign and License class

    • Your mailing address

    • Your FCC FRN

    • Felony conviction status