The K2MFF Repeater is located at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ.

Repeater Information

FREQUENCY: 147.225

OFFSET: + 0.600 MHz

PL: 141.3


Repeater Acceptable Use Policy

  • Emergency use of this repeater always takes precedence.

  • Nets takes precedence before normal conversations but has a lower precedence over emergencies.

  • Always identify yourself at least every ten (10) minutes and at the end of your transmission.

  • Do not engage in political soap boxing, views on controversial matters, or anything that might hurt someone's feelings.

  • This repeater is "family" friendly. Try to avoid adult subjects and limit accidental slips of language.

  • If you notice jamming or interfering DO NOT acknowledge. Contact K2MFF and/or trustee via email to inform them of what is happening with a timestamp and nature of interference. If possible, record the interference in-order to help us conduct our investigation and assist the FCC.